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We already know that we have the best products and service in the business, but don't just take our work for it. Here is just some of what our partners are saying.


Rick Bronwell
Home Equipment Manager,
Philadelphia Flyers

Renegade is giving us the comfort in knowing that our laundry is going to come out clean every time consistently. The customer service is top notch.


Jeffrey Torre
Equipment Operations
Yale Athletics

Since 2017 Renegade Brands has been Yale Athletics only source for laundry solution. We went from 6 chemicals to 1 for our day to day washing procedures. We have saved thousands of dollars in garments by using the stain remover product to eliminate stubborn clay, grass and turf stains from all of our garments. Customer service is 1st class, product is always available and delivered fast.


Kevin Ritz
Head Equipment Manager,
University of Maine

Simply put, your products are amazing. Since switching over 5+ years ago we have noticed that our laundry comes out not only looking but smelling cleaner. Our athletes for all sports, not just hockey have all commented that throughout the year their clothes continue to stay clean where in the past eventually smells start to linger and stains set in. But what’s even better than the product is the service and the people we get to work with. Working with everyone on the team is some of the best customer service I’ve experienced across the business. For something as routine as laundry, I didn’t think I’d have such a positive experience every step of the way.


 Alex Torres
Home Clubhouse Manager,
Los Angeles Dodgers

As an equipment manager in the Major Leagues, with the Los Angeles dodgers, my staff and I must make sure that there is no margin of error. As they say, “the show must go on.” Everyone always asks me, “How do you get your uniforms so white?” I have to tell them the it's Nano X. Instead of us having to use multiple products, we just use one. At the end of the night when you are washing uniforms you don't want to have to keep running your laundry thru cycle after cycle to try to get stains out. The other benefit is the fact that the product is more eco-friendly with the environment. A huge plus when you have contact with any detergents. 


 Michael Templin

Equipment Coordinator,
Cleveland Cavaliers

I must say using this product has definitely made my life easier at work. We were using 6 different agents when washing our clothes and towels on a regular basis. Now with Nano X, we are simply using one container/drum of detergent to take care of all the same cleaning we were doing with the 6 agents. This made it easier on our budget and cleanliness of our laundry room.


 Lou Cucuzza Jr.

Clubhouse Manager,
New York Yankees

This sh#t works!


 Trent Chesnut

Football Equipment Manager,
University of Illinois

We have been using Nano X for over a year. We went from four dispensers down to the one Nano X. Clothes come out smelling better than the other four combined. Works directly on grass and turf stains as well. It really is a wonderful product! The Nano X alone, will take care of all your laundry/stain relieving needs!!


 Willie Jenks

Visiting Clubhouse Manager,
Cleveland Indians

In my line of work I have zero time for people and products that do not deliver on their promises. Sweat X Teams goes above and beyond in terms of service and product superiority making them an outlier in the industry. Not only are the Nano X products effective, they are more environmentally friendly, which in itself is an anomaly in the world of commercial laundry detergents and stain removers


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